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    Art Rock Ensemble
    Prepares for Fall / Winter 2018 Tour

    Press Release

    More than any major global industry the record business has been radically transformed by the impact of digital technology and the Internet. In many ways a large part of the music entertainment world audience is now experiencing an almost allergic “re-action” to the computerization and commoditization of music. Low quality mp3 audio web downloads and predictable flavor-of-the-month music trends co-exist with radio media surviving on the legends and hits of the sixties, seventies, eighties and the nineties. For those ready to reconnect with quality sound waves and the emotional flow of music as an art form, Tributary Music presents a few emerging alternatives to tune-into.

    Enter John Miner an amazing multi-instrumentalists, composer and band leader with an innovative vision into the world of recorded and performance progressive rock music. An accomplished guitarists, drummer and keyboardist, hIs operating philosophy is that “true live music is the ultimate connective expression between performer and audience.”

    Miner co-founded the California-based art rock band Mantra Sunrise in 1992 with singer-bassist Joel Bissing and drummer Wayne Garabedian. The band produced the self-titled and well received album "Mantra Sunrise" in 1994.

    Miner, Art Rock Circus and Art Rock Ensemble are perhaps best known for his original rock opera Heavens Cafe, which was staged at the Flamingo Theater in Las Vegas 1996 and in other theatrical venues including Los Angeles in 2004. Miner was leader and formed the progressive rock group Art Rock Circus to perform the music with a live band on stage in a theatrical setting with singers and actors. The Tributary Music Label released the live CD of Heavens Cafe to the progressive rock community in 2000.


    In 2001 also based on a conceptual framework, "A Passage to Clear" was released by Miner's Art Rock Circus. The album featured two exceptional female vocalists, Karyn Anderson, and Karen Marquart. Subsequently in 2005 and in creative collaboration with drummer and composer Nolan Stolz, Miner rebuilt the Art Rock Circus from the ground up, and released Tell a Vision, a double CD. The projects extensive keyboard pyrotechnics and Miner's eclectic guitar stylings found an accepting progressive rock audience.


    In 2005, in a notable departure from his prior band projects, Miner wrote and orchestrated guitar parts for the K² (band) album Book of the Dead. In addition to his own solo and rhythm guitar work, he successfully blended with and enhanced the solo lead parts of the projects featured and renowned master guitarist Allan Holdsworth.


    Miner is known for his use of innovative alternate guitar tunings that are showcased in most of his original compositions. Facilitating live performances, the use of a double necked guitar has enabled him to easily switch from one tuning to another within the same song.


    His use of innovative odd time signatures is a hallmark of the majority of his work as a composer, particularly in Heavens Cafe, and other Rock Art Ensemble recordings in which the majority of the recordings feature unorthodox metering. Other distinct compositional characteristics of the composer include the absence of repeating choruses.

    Drum and bass parts are usually hinting toward melody, rather than standard time-keeping rock fare. As a producer, Miner's analog recording techniques have been the subject of much debate in the modern digital recording world. and international music press


    Benicia, California-based performing and recording artists John Miner is also Founder of Tributary Music, a music label specializing in recorded and live music as an experience—not a product. A long-time composer and music professional, he has worked with an amazing array of musicians in a wide variety of music genres and is strongly focused high quality analog recording and high fidelity live performance.

    Art Rock Ensemble is completing and mixing of their third recording — their new Vinyl and CD album project. Led by composer, guitarist and singer and percussionist Michael Di Martino, the new album features the rest of the original team Art Rock Ensemble musicians.

    John and the Art Rock Ensemble band invite you to join them at their next live music and video celebration. For more information: TributaryMusic.com/ArtRockEnsemble

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